The Rebel(s) at Winchester School of Art and Floating World at Pages, The Leeds International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair

On Thursday the 1st of March we will be staging the first of our Rebels Days. Hosted by Winchester School of Art. Our theme for the day is: It Might Be Just a Coloured Splodge to You Mate… which will investigate ideas of appropriation, originality, style and content within contemporary practice and how these themes are (mis)represented in mainstream media.

Using our preferred material, recycled corrugated card, each Rebel(s) Day features a set of artworks and props required for the performance tailored to the allocated space. By creating these in-situ, there is opportunity to begin to develop a dialogue with our audience.

The performance features a reading from The Rebel(s) artists book and a sequence of posed recreations of the processes of creating an Action Painting. This is drawn from a scene in the film which in turn was lifted from a Pathe News-reel of 1957 featuring British Action Painter, William Green. This short performance/reading will be looped, repeating the sequence in a metronomic manner. At the end of the performance/ reading there will be a short talk regarding issues of appropriation and originality and the parallels between how contemporary practice is often portrayed in mainstream media historically and in the present.

We will also be creating a limited edition Lithograph specifically for this performance at Winchester that will be available on the day.

We will be heading on to Leeds to take part in Pages at The Tetley in Leeds We will have a cross section our recent output and Glenn will be presenting The Rebel(s) or “Its a mark of greatness when no-one buys your work!accompanied by a cardboard Andy.