Unfolding The Archive…


Elizabeth Kinsella

Sarah Carne

Glenn Holman and Glynis Candler

Glenn Holman 2

Edwin Aitken 2

Edwin Aitken

Niamh O'Connor and Aoibhinn O'Dea

Niamh O'Coonor

Hide Ishibashi 2

Hide Ishibashi

Diane Henshaw 1

Diane Henshaw


Simon Burton and James Fisher

Andy Parsons Raft 2

Andy Parsons RaftUnfolding the Archive 2

In 2015 in collaboration with the F.E. McWilliam Gallery, Northern Ireland and the National Irish Visual Arts Library, (NIVAL) based at the National College for Art and Design in Dublin, Floating World will be launching a major touring show.

Curated by Dr Riann Coulter of the F.E. McWilliam Gallery and Donna Romano of NIVAL, the exhibition will develop themes investigated in NIVAL’s 2012 exhibition DOCUMENT! and will feature a selection of works from the NIVAL collection and new works by artists from Floating World. Each artist is being asked to respond to some aspect of the NIVAL collection, to the concept of the archive or to the particular Irish focus of the material in the collection. The artists can respond to starting points in the collection in ways that are direct and closely linked to artefacts and narratives, or in a manner which is more tangental.

Alongside the artist books based work that forms the core element of Floating World as a collective, artists are also being encouraged to develop work that reflects their wider practice in painting, sculpture and video.An illustrated catalogue is planned to accompany the exhibition.