The Rebel(s) Days 2018

The Rebel(s) Day

A proposal

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the death of Tony Hancock, we are proposing to hold a series of five The Rebel(s) Days, at venues throughout the UK with the content of each day mirroring key issues drawn from the book. Using our favoured material, recycled corrugated cardboard, each day will involve the creation of a temporary installation that will be part artwork and part back drop for the performative element of the event. We are seek- ing venues or spaces that will bring us into direct contact with as many members of the public as possible as interaction with people is an essential component of each day. As such,The Rebel(s) Days is ideally suited to project spaces, foyers or spaces not normally associated with the traditional display of artworks.

Rather than arriving at pre-determined conclusions, each day aims to be part of an open ended dialogue with the public and each interaction will be documented either photograph- ically, artistically or transcribed. This documentary information will form the content of a second artists book that will form a coda to The Rebel(s) and will be published at the conclusion of the project at the end of 2018.

The five proposed The Rebel(s) Days are:

There’s Greatness… which will investigate what motivates people to become an artist in the first place given the precarious nature of it as a career choice. Is it in-fact disingenuous to declare yourself an artist? Who decides someone is ‘an artist’ and by what criteria?

Miskallanious Rubbish…which will investigate ideas of rebellion within contemporary art. Is rebellion in fact still possible in any meaningful way when all artists are expected to be rebels? An area of particular interest being the use of opaque language used to explain art works and the motivations of their makers.

Coloured Splodge… which will investigate ideas of appropriation within contemporary practice and ideas of originality, style and content. Are we in-fact living through the begin- nings of the ‘post art age’ where such considerations no longer have any real relevance or meaning?

Measuring Thumb… which will explore how value is ascribed to the contemporary art ob- ject. Is market value the sole factor in ascribing value and what is the continued role of the critic and cultural commentator. Does popular opinion have a part to play or is popularity with a non art audience in fact detrimental? How can value judgements be made about art works that have no inherent material value?

You Wait Till I’m Dead… which will explore what motivates artists to continue to work de- spite lack of critical recognition or financial reward. How are the friction and resistance from wider society and the misconceptions around what it means to be a contemporary artists navigated, particularly when there is seemingly little to show for the effort expended?

The content of each day is open to negotiation and can be adapted to suit the particular circumstances and context of the participating venue.

Cost: Due to the nature of the materials used, there are negligible costs involved in stag- ing each day. We would only be seeking from participating venues necessary expenses. The Rebel(s) artists book will be available for sale directly from us during each event.