2014 RUKssian Artist Book exhibition, Moscow, Russia

2013 4th Sheffield International Artist Book Prize.
The Get Together, Dublin
Reading Room 2, The Crescent Art Centre

2012 Turn the Page, The Forum, Norwich
Beckett Bucket, International Beckett Festival, Enniskillen

2011 3rd Sheffield International Artist Book Prize.
‘Hoodie’s, Enniskillen Castle Museum
‘Floating World’ s-I-b Gallery, Tokyo

2009 Small Publishers Fair, London
2009 2nd Artists Book Prize, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

2008 Leeds International Artists Book Fair
2008 1st Artists Book Prize, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

2007 Small Publishers Fair, London.
2007 Tate Britain: London; Temporary display of artists books including work by Glenn Holman of Floating World to coincide with ‘Learning to Read’ exhibition.
2007 Book to Book, Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds.
2007 The Market Place Gallery in Armagh. Commissioned pieces were produced with the support of An Chomhairle Ealaion, The Arts Council of Ireland, Commissions Award. The exhibition was designed to present the artists books in am manner which put them on a par with a painting or sculpture, by showing a small number of books in the huge space of the Market Place Gallery. Illustration
2007 10th International Artists Book Fair, Leeds
2007 Enniskillen Arts Festival, Enniskillen, N.Ireland. We have also been experimenting with showing in less conventional ways. In a recent show in Enniskillen we used a tourist information stand to show works in the foyer of the town hall. We are developing future projects where we can explore the way that art is looked at, by showing books outside of gallery contexts. Illustration

2006 Small Publishers Fair, London
2006 “Terra Incognita” Atelier WG, Amsterdam.“Terra Incognita” Atelier WG, Amsterdam. An A4 book Trajans column was the starting point for a 60ft long hanging scroll/book/sculpture which expanded on the visual syntax of the book and played with ideas of scale and portability. The piece was as moveable as a book and made from book binding materials however it was vast in scale stretching from the top to the bottom of the building2005 “Floating World” artists books, LAB 05 ICA London. Illustration

2005 “Drawing Between 2”, Gallery MAKI, Tokyo.

2004 “Floating World”, artists books, LAB 04 ICA London
2004 “Drawing Between”, Gallery MAKI, Tokyo.


Armagh Arts Centre

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SIB Gallery Tokyo, Japan

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University of Ulster Gallery

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