Diane Henshaw

Diane writes about her work thus,

draw, pull, drag, haul, tow, tug, heave,
attract, allure, entice, invite, tempt, induce,
persuade, influence, elicit, call forth, evoke
sketch, delineate, map out, outline, trace,
depict, portray, represent.
inhale, breathe in, inspire, suck, drain, siphon,
draw off.
move, go, come, proceed, advance, approach,
deduce, infer, conclude, derive, glean, get, take,
pick, choose, select.
draw back
recoil, shrink, retreat, withdraw, retract.
draw out
protract, extend, prolong, drag out, spin out, stretch,
draw up
draft, compose, formulate, prepare,.
halt, stop, pull up.
attraction, pull, lure, influence, magnetism, charisma.
tie, stalemate, dead heat.
raffle, lottery, sweepstake.
draw back
disadvantage, snag, hitch, hindrance, impediment,
obstacle, flaw, fault, imperfection, defect, difficulty,
problem, detriment, shortcoming, deficiency
sketch, picture, delineation, outline, diagram, plan, illustration,
cartoon, representation, portrait.”

Henshaw deals with the abstract and has an obsession with searching for the perfect line – her work, known for it’s paired down lines and formulated composition, has developed a new entourage of blasting hues and tones using a plethora of line, print, collage & form. Henshaw, synonymous for her use of gestured line and process work – works blind – detraining the well educated eye – and focuses on the apparent, the banal and diary stylized method of dealing methodically with the abstract.

Diane Henshaw graduated with her Degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 1995 and with her Masters in Fine Art from UUB in 2000.