Andy Parsons

Fragments (After Piranesi)


A1 black and white plan copy

Unlimited edition

These artworks were devised for ‘The Georgian Writing Desk’ at Bank Street Arts Sheffield. The exhibition comprised a series of artworks designed to fit into the drawers of a giant writing desk.

The prints are inspired by the engravings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi, who created a set of prints based on fragments of stone found at the sites of ruins around Rome. Many of the prints involve an attempt to find links between the objects and impose order on the chaos of the fractured remains of the past. T

Taking this as a starting point I have created my own fragment pictures using objects I own or have owned and subjecting them to the same close scrutiny as Piranesi’s historical remains.The web of associations is complex and muddled by the passage of time, and veers between an examination of very specific times and places, and a broader sense of the way